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This is a surprisingly useful word that can be used for education and training with orientation courses and, more generally, to describe ideas and proposals that may suggest a preference for or focus on one idea.

There is no real difference between the two forms of the verb orient and orientate.

Forms of the word

orient: a verb meaning to have emphasis on or look towards

orientate: an alternative form of the verb

The Orient: an old-fashioned  name for the Eastern part of the world, mostly Japan, Korea and China

disorientated: an adjective to describe a person who has lost their sense of direction

orientation: a countable or uncountable noun

reorientation: an uncountable noun

Using the word

yourself to:  For example, many immigrants find it difficult to orientate themselves to their new surroundings.

become: They often become disorientated by the strangeness of their new surroundings.

course/day: Most companies now have a special orientation day for new employees.

strong: Many of these courses have a strong vocational orientation and are designed to prepare students for their later careers.

to/towards: These schemes should be oriented towards providing more help for the homeless.



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