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This is a word with two very important uses. It can be used to write about the aim or purpose of a suggestion or proposal. It can also be used to describe whether the viewpoint is subjective or objective.

Forms of the word

objective: an adjective meaning something

objective: a countable noun meaning the same as goal

objectively: an adverb

objectivity: an uncountable noun

Using the word

totally: In the ideal world the press should remain independent and present completely objective points of view.

analysis/assessment: Because parents are so close to their children it is not always easy for them to assess their abilities objectively.

achieve/meet/pursue/fulfil: One role of a manager is to ensure his meets all their objectives.

key/main/principal: The main objective must be to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Other related words

There are a number of different ways to talk about objectives. Some of the more common synonyms are:







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