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The verb constitute is an academic/legalistic linking word that works in much the same way as the verb to be but is used much less rarely. The other parts of the word are less general in use and most relate to politics. 

Note also that the noun constitution also has more a general meaning relating to health.

Forms of the word

constitute: a verb

constituent: a noun 

constitution: a noun 

constitutional: an adjective

unconstitutional: the opposite adjective

constituency: a noun (almost only used in politics)

Using the word

threat/danger/hazard: Gas emissions from power stations constitute a hazard to people’s health.

breach: If a company had a policy of only hiring male employees, this would constitute a breach of sexual equality legislation.

European/American etc; The American constitution is the model for many other countries system of law.

strong/weak etc: People with a weak constitution are typically more at risk from viruses.




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