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Today’s word of the day exercise is



This is an extremely useful family of words. Note the very common mistake below and that it is capable of doing something.

Forms of the word





Using the word 

have/demonstrate/maintain/develop: He first of all needs to demonstrate that he has the capability of doing the work.

within/beyond: This perhaps beyond the capabilities of unqualified staff.

perfectly/quite/fully: Despite any difficulty, he is quite capable of solving the problem.

manufacturing/military/nuclear/multimedia etc: It is doubtful whether a country such as the United Kingdom needs to maintain its nuclear capability.

be capable of anything: He has shown that he is capable of anything.

be in capable hands: There’s no need to worry as the project is in capable hands.

Avoid a common mistake – of and to

Note that we use of after capable and not to:

you are capable of doing something

Do not confuse this with able where we do use to.

I may be able to see you tomorrow.



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