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This is a word that can be used as a more formal variation of accept. You should be careful how you use it though as it can go wrong. If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you start off by trying it in these phrases and contexts:

acknowledge receipt  [in a letter]

It is generally acknowledged that [general statement in an essay]

Forms of the word




Using the word

acknowledged as: The Louvre is acknowledged as one of finest museums in the world.

receipt: I would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this letter by return.

expert: Many of the professors at the university are acknowledged experts in their fields.

widely/generally: It is widely acknowledged that greater investment in environmental technologies is needed.

importance/presence/help: If we acknowledge the importance of respecting children’s individuality, we still need to teach them discipline.





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    Good day Mr.Dominique.
    your efforts in teaching the IELTS strategies and devoting your experience to the public are indispensable. There are no much words can explain my thanks .

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