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Avoiding repetition in task 1

How to avoid repetition in IELTS task 1 summaries by learning to group information together and using the language of comparison

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How to improve fluency in IELTS speaking

10 different ways to improve your fluency in IELTS speaking with suggestions and practice exercises to help you speak more fluently.

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How to answer speaking questions about computers and the internet

Vocabulary and sample answers to help you speak about questions about computers and the internet in IELTS.

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Different ways to talk about the future in IELTS

A speaking on how to improve IELTS speaking by learning to use different words to talk about the future and not just “will”

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Sound scripting – an exercise for better pronunication

A suggestion on how to use sound scripting to improve your pronunciation and sentence stress

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Dealing with unknown words in IELTS reading

Advice and activities to help process unfamiliar vocabulary in IELTS reading texts.

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Writing guide

Lessons on IELTS writing skills, essays, academic task 1 and letters

IELTS writing

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Speaking guide

Lessons on speaking with practice questions and sample answers

IELTS speaking

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Reading guide

Practical help with dealing with reading questions with lots of practice

IELTS reading

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Listening guide

Lessons, practice questions and handy tips on getting a a better score

ielts listening

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Better IELTS Vocabulary

There is lots and lots here: helpful lists of words with exercises for topic vocabulary, academic word exercises and far more

IELTS vocabulary

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Help with grammar

Better grammar is key to improving your score. These lessons should help with both your speaking and your writing.

IELTS grammar

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Get some quick tips

Sometimes quick and simple is good. These popular IELTS preparation tips could be just what you need. They cover all the skills.

IELTS tips

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