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My name is Dominic Cole and I am an IELTS teacher who can be your guide to IELTS success. I now only work online and this is where I do all my teaching – all for free!

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If you like, I can be your teacher and here is where you can find out about me.

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Otherwise just explore my site. There’s lots more – well over 600 lessons for IELTS preparation!

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I now post daily lessons on Facebook too. 5 minute exercises with lots of links to good things to read on the net and improve your IELTS score.

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Site updates

I have updated the IELTS letters page. You will now find all my model letters come with exercises to help you write them.

The IELTS essay page has more lessons added to it and comes now with an introductory video.

There is now an IELTS grammar page with many exercises and lessons. This will be updated weekly.

The listening page now has a new look. Videos too. Loads more to come.

There is now an IELTS teaching resources page that I am updating each Saturday.

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Are you looking for somewhere where you can find great links or just someone to talk to?

My IELTS Forum is a place where you can:

  • find an IELTS speaking partner
  • post your writing
  • find the best IELTS websites on the net
  • get your questions answered
  • just talk to other people about IELTS

It really does help to work together

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IELTS Writing Guide

This is much the largest part of my site with over 200 lessons

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IELTS Speaking Guide

Here you can find exam advice and model answers

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IELTS Listening Guide

The best advice is to improve your listening skills. Here’s where

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IELTS Reading Guide

Do you want to learn about the different questions and learn how to improve your band score?

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IELTS Teaching Resources

I’m sharing my ideas for teaching IELTS each Saturday. Here’s where

Ideas for teaching IELTS

IELTS Downloads

You want some downloads? I do those too of course. Here is where I keep the important ones. They’ve been downloaded well over 1 million times!

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The Daily Word

These are daily exercises about words from the Academic Word List. Great for improving your writing. Lots of examples of the words you really need.

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IELTS Grammar

This is 25% of your score in writing and speaking. You’ll find practical lessons and exercises here

Test your grammar

IELTS Success Stories

Here are a few IELTS tips from candidates who have got through IELTS. You can learn from these

The secrets to IELTS success

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